Christo Daskaltsis

The artist Christo Daskaltsis was born in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1969 after his parents had immigrated from Greece in the early 1960s. From a young age, Daskaltsis was fascinated by paint and colour and as a schoolboy discovered the potential in Fine Art to convey the unspeakable upon viewing a Mondrian Painting at the Museum Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf. Upon studying at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris, Daskaltsis learnt to translate his creative energy into works. Though this formal art education established a foundation to his artistic career, his practice soon evolved to become more experimental as he distanced himself from the limitations of the academic approach. Setting up a studio in Berlin, Daskaltsis developed an elaborate methodology through which his works come into being. Removing himself from figurative and concept art, Daskaltsis chose to focus on the process of creation rather than the outcome. Through the application of paint on canvas or aluminium and the subsequent treatment with turpentine and the sweeping of a broom working always on the floor, Daskaltsis is able to produce works that are devoid of any formal composition and physical traces of the artist’s hand. This methodology eliminates the influence of preconceived ideas of composition or subject. Having exhibited his works internationally and having established a network of private collectors that spans from Europe to Unated States, Daskaltsis’ works have been well received by a wide audience. When exhibiting his works which are named by the date of their creation, the artist encourages the viewer to explore the relationship between the work and their own memories and associations. The works provoke a dispute over the ability to see and identify, in the artist’s words, this experience forms an “imitation of perception.”


1988 – 1992 École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris Academic studies Art, Arthistory and Design

1992 – 1994 Robert Schumann Institut, Düsseldorf Academic studies piano and composition

1994 – 1998 Academy for Design and Communication, Schwerte Academic studies design and communicationdesign


2013 iF Design Award
2014 German Design Award

Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2018 Galeries Lafayette, Berlin
2017 Galerie Ei, Berlin
2015 Galerie Schütter, Berlin
2013 Galerie Liebkranz, Berlin
2010 Gallery Kouklas, Thessaloniki
2009 Gallery Minimal, Berlin
2006 Gallery Ligos, Athens
2000 Gallery Milos, Athens
1999 Gallery Chicks, Amsterdam
1998 Gallery Les Halles, Paris

Group Exhibitions (selected)

2020 Bermel von Luxburg. Berlin
2020 re|space Gallery, Berlin
2019 Beirut Art Fair, Beirut
2019 Gallery PS120, Berlin
2019 Gallery Lucky, Berlin
2008 Gallery Minimal, Berlin
2004 Gallery Ligos, Athens
2000 Gallery Les Halles, Paris
1998 Gallery Chicks, Amsterdam

Private Collections

Los Angeles
New York